# Status - V3.X

# Current version

3.20 (opens new window) coqueto - Chevereto V3.20 LTS (Long Term Support).

# Updates

V3.X is getting active maintenance and updates until 2022-11-30 (opens new window).

  • Security updates
  • PHP 7.4 updates
  • Software bugs
  • Deprecated dependencies

# Lifespan

Chevereto V3.20 LTS was made for PHP 7.4, which has active support (opens new window) until 2022-11-28. Using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (opens new window) stack you could be able to extend the lifespan of V3.20 based systems to at most 2025-04 (opens new window).

PHP 7.4 EOL Ubuntu 20.04 EOS
2022-11-28 2025-04

Support provided by Ubuntu 20.04 after PHP 7.4 EOL is not provided by The PHP group, but by Canonical. We recommended updating to Chevereto V4 to keep using a PHP version with active support.

# Next version

V3.20 is the final version for 3.X (opens new window). For future Chevereto updates and support head over to Chevereto V4 (opens new window)