# Status

# Current version

3.20.12 (opens new window) coqueto - Chevereto V3.20 LTS (Long Term Support).

This version is getting active maintenance and updates until 2022-11 for:

  • Security updates
  • PHP updates
  • Software bugs
  • Deprecated dependencies

Chevereto V3.20 LTS was made using Ubuntu 20.04 (opens new window) and thanks to this you should be able to run V3.20 based systems until 2025-04.

Version End of LTS End of Life
V3.20.X 2022-11 2025-04

# Next version

V3.20 is the final version for 3.X. There won't be next versions for it just maintenance revisions (3.20.X).

Last Updated: 12/20/2021, 1:23:51 PM