# Status - V3.X

End of life

Chevereto V3 ended its servicing (opens new window) on 2022-11-30 and is not under maintenance. Users of Chevereto V3 are advised to upgrade to Chevereto V4 (opens new window).

# Current version

3.20 (opens new window) coqueto - Chevereto V3.20 EOL (End of life).

# Updates

Chevereto V3.X wont't get any further updates. Instances running Chevereto V3 are exposed to security issues and software bugs that won't get fixed. There's no further maintenance for Chevereto V3.

# Next version

V3.20 is the final version for 3.X (opens new window). For future Chevereto updates and support head over to Chevereto V4 (opens new window)