# Server Updating

🦄 Chevereto V4 users

Check the updated documentation at 🆙 Updating (opens new window).

This section outlines the update process required to upgrade to V3 from old releases (V3.X).


  • Check that your server meets the requirements for running the target release to update.
  • Make sure to have a recent backup of your database and your code modifications (if any).
  • After the update you will need to re-apply your modifications.

# Using Release package

The release package is a zip file containing the software files. Once extracted, the software is ready to be updated.

👉 This method is recommended for cPanel, Plesk and other web panel users.

  • Upload the latest release (opens new window) package to your server (usually in the public_html folder)
  • Unzip the software using your server built-in unzip utility
  • Remove the .zip file
  • Open your target website URL and follow the instructions

# Using Composer package manager

Using Composer the update carried in CLI context. It requires:

👉 This method is recommended for VPS and machines with CLI access.

  • Run the following command from your Chevereto project folder:

# HTTP update (legacy)

Not working?

The HTTP method doesn't provide the same reliability as the other methods. Don't worry if it randomly fails, if that ever happens simply try again with an alternative update method instead.

👉 This method should be used only as last resort.

  • Go to panel/license (opens new window) and grab your V3 license key
  • Go to /dashboard and click on "check for updates"
  • Install the update when prompted
  • Provide your license key