# Server Installation

To install Chevereto it requires a server environment where the software and uploaded files will be served. This document outlines the generic installation process from scratch.

Using cPanel?

cPanel users are advised to check the cPanel guide.

# Requirements

Before installing anything check that the target server provides the system requirements to run Chevereto.

# Database

# Using web panels

You can refer to the documentation for creating the MySQL database required for Chevereto. Here references for the most popular panels:

# Using the MySQL console

Run the following command to create the chevereto database and its user binding:

sudo mysql -uroot -ppassword -e "CREATE DATABASE chevereto; \
    CREATE USER 'chevereto' IDENTIFIED BY 'user_database_password'; \
    GRANT ALL ON chevereto.* TO 'chevereto' IDENTIFIED BY 'user_database_password';"

# Provide application files


When providing files to your server make sure that the files owner:group permissions are usable by the Web Server user.

You will require to provide the Chevereto software application files to your server.

# Zip package

  • Upload the latest release (opens new window) package to your server (usually in the public_html folder)
  • Unzip the software using your server built-in unzip utility
  • Remove the .zip file
  • Open your target website URL and follow the instructions

# Installer

The installer.php (opens new window) is a single-file tool which will ease the installation of the software. It's an API client which downloads and extracts the software for you.

# Post-Install

Refer to Initial setup instructions.

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