# System Environment

🦄 Chevereto V4 users

Check the updated documentation at 🗿 Environment (opens new window).

These are the system level settings that can be used to tweak Chevereto provisioning.

# Passing values

To pass settings to Chevereto is recommended to use system level environment variables.

Settings file

If is not possible to use environment variables you can use the settings file to configure the Chevereto variables.

# Apache HTTP Web Server (PHP module)

If PHP is provided using mpm_prefork you must refer to the documentation on Apache HTTP Server environment variables (opens new window). You may check our real use cases at chevereto/vultr-marketplace (opens new window).

# Other setups

For these you will be running PHP-FPM (opens new window) so you can add those settings at your php-fpm.conf file.

# Application servers

For these you will be running PHP CLI so you should be able to pass those at php.ini for your CLI. You can also export those in your shell. Refer to the documentation of each application server for the best way to pass those to Chevereto.

# Container

Pass the environment variables to the container run command or at docker compose layer.

# Assets variables

Environment variables for storing assets that can be uploaded to any of the supported external storage APIs.

Note that assets refers to user provided assets such as avatars and backgrounds, also website graphics like logos and homepage covers.

Check External storage for adding external storage servers for user content uploads.

Variable Setting Key Example
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ID asset_storage_account_id 123
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME asset_storage_account_name account_name
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_BUCKET asset_storage_bucket bucket
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_KEY asset_storage_key key
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_NAME asset_storage_name assets
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_REGION asset_storage_region us-west-2
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_SECRET asset_storage_secret secret
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_SERVER asset_storage_server server
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_SERVICE asset_storage_service service
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_TYPE asset_storage_type s3
CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_URL asset_storage_url <url>/bucket

# Database variables

Environment variables for the database details.

Variable Setting Key Example
CHEVERETO_DB_DRIVER db_driver mysql
CHEVERETO_DB_HOST db_host mariadb
CHEVERETO_DB_NAME db_name chevereto
CHEVERETO_DB_PASS db_pass user_database_password
CHEVERETO_DB_PDO_ATTRS db_pdo_attrs {"key":"value"} (json)
CHEVERETO_DB_PORT db_port 3306
CHEVERETO_DB_TABLE_PREFIX db_table_prefix chv_
CHEVERETO_DB_USER db_user chevereto

# Debug variables

Environment variables for debug.


When using Docker it logs to /dev/stderr regardless this configuration.

Variable Setting Key Example
CHEVERETO_ERROR_LOG error_log /var/log/chevereto-error.log

# Session variables

Environment variables for the session driver.

Variable Setting Key Example
CHEVERETO_SESSION_SAVE_HANDLER session.save_handler redis files
CHEVERETO_SESSION_SAVE_PATH session.save_path tcp://redis /tmp

# Image handling variables

Environment variables for controlling image handling.

Variable Setting Key Example
CHEVERETO_IMAGE_LIBRARY image_library imagick gd

# Hostname variables

Environment variables for the hostname configuration.

Variable Setting Key Example
CHEVERETO_HOSTNAME hostname chevereto.loc

# System context variables

Environment variables for the context where Chevereto system is being provided. Depending on where you run it, you may want to disable sensitive functionality.

Variable Setting Key Example
CHEVERETO_DISABLE_PHP_PAGES disable_php_pages false
CHEVERETO_DISABLE_UPDATE_HTTP disable_update_http false
CHEVERETO_DISABLE_UPDATE_CLI disable_update_cli false
CHEVERETO_USER_ALBUMS_LIST_LIMIT user_albums_list_limit 500
  • For CHEVERETO_USER_ALBUMS_LIST_LIMIT it controls the number of albums on user's dropdown album menus.

# File upload variables

Environment variables for the file uploading limits. Note that the following environment variables will work for container provisioning.

Variable Example

For non-container based provisioning you need to change those at php.ini configuration.