# Debug

Debug enables to dump information about errors that may be affecting the software functionality. If Chevereto isn't working properly you must start debugging it.

To debug Chevereto you will need to:

  1. Configure debug
  2. Look up for the generated log in the target log facility

# Configuring debug

Debug can be configured using environment variables and it can be also enabled using the settings file.

Table below shows the equivalent setting key to environment variables.

Setting key Environment equivalent

Custom log location

Configure your own error log device (file, system, etc.) to control where the logs will be happening. If you don't alter this it will fallback to the default system log facility.

# Debug levels

Depending on your work context you may need to configure debug accordingly.


Error level >= 2 is not recommended for production environments. Is not safe to print the errors to the screen, handle it with care.


Containers will always log to /dev/stderr regardless this setting.

Level Description
0 No debug
1 Debug to configured log
2 Print errors (no logging)
3 Print errors and log to configured log

Note: Debug level can be only configured using environment variables or the settings file. Debug level can't be configured from the dashboard panel.

# Accessing logs

To access logs you will need to determine the location for those. If you don't configure debug Chevereto will follow to the default error_log (opens new window) handling configured for your PHP installation.

# Where are the default logs?

This vary a lot depending the server provider:

  • Apache/NGINX
    • Logs by default at /var/log/apache2/error.log OR /var/log/nginx/error.log
    • Apache: Virtual host directive defines custom error log location
    • NGINX: Server block defines custom error log location
    • Commonly configured for /var/www/domain.com/logs
    • Some configure it for syslog
  • cPanel
    • Vary a lot from providers and cPanel version
    • Logs by default at ../domain.com.error.log (parent of public_html folder)
  • Docker
    • Always logs to /dev/stderr

# I can't find the logs

Don't worry, if you can't find the logs we strongly suggest you to request extra support (opens new window) service so we safely do this for you.

Alternatively, you can configure debug_level >= 2 but note that such error reporting level will expose your installation. Restrict any public access to the system and revert back to debug_level=1 as soon as possible.

# Reading logs

Logs can be easily accessed by direct file access or by running commands accordingly.

# Error reporting

Not for production!

Enable this is recommended only in development environments.

To enable printed error reporting you will need to go to system settings. By enabling this all the runtime errors will be printed which means that they will be visible.