# System Requirements

Minimum machine requirements:

Note: When running with minimum requirements it is recommended to add swap space (opens new window).

  • 1GB RAM
  • 1 CPU

# Cron

🦄 Chevereto V4 users

Check the updated documentation at ⏲️ Cron (opens new window).

A cron (opens new window) is required to process the application background jobs. A cron is system in which a command is executed in a regular basis, this way Chevereto can perform operations in the background.

This cron setup reference applies only for Debian-based servers with root access. We strongly recommend checking your server documentation on how to setup and run cron.

# Command

The command should be run by the web-server user which is www-data (may vary). To run the command in Chevereto it requires to call PHP binary at the Chevereto CLI.

PHP binary

Use which php to locate the PHP binary as its location may vary in different systems and configurations.

Command below uses sudo -u www-data to run the command as www-data user permissions. PHP binary is at php and the Chevereto CLI is at /var/www/html/cli.php. The command argument passed to Chevereto is -C cron.

# Docker command

# Cron.d file

With a cron.d file (opens new window) the cron can be easily setup. For example:

cat >/etc/cron.d/chevereto <<EOM
* * * * * www-data php /var/www/html/cli.php -C cron

# Cron schedule

In the instruction above * * * * * (opens new window) is the cron schedule to run every minute.

Suit your context

The above default cron works when running our official provisioning. If you don't use our server provisioning you will be required to alter the default instructions for user, PHP binary and Chevereto CLI location. Refer to your system documentation.