# cPanel

This guide will enable you to install Chevereto on cPanel from scratch.

# Database

Go to the MySQL Database Wizard under Databases.


Follow the process to create a database and its user. Take note on the MySQL database name, username and password.

MySQL wizard create

Grant ALL PRIVILEGES on the newly created database and user.

MySQL wizard privileges

# Chevereto Files

  • Go to File Manager under Files.


  • Navigate to your website public_html/ directory.

File Manager

  • Click on Upload and on Select File upload the release zip file downloaded from chevereto.com/panel/downloads (opens new window)
  • Once uploaded, go back to the file manager at public_html/ directory.
  • Right-click on the zip file file and select Extract.

File Manager Extract

  • A prompt appears, click on Extract Files

File Manager Extract Files

  • Delete the zip file when the extraction completes.

File Manager Delete File


Go to MultiPHP INI Editor under Software.


Select your website under Configure PHP INI basic settings.

MultiPHP INI editor

Take note on the following configurable keys:

MultiPHP INI keys

  • max_execution_time 30
  • memory_limit 256M (min)
  • Use post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to limit the file upload max. size allowed for uploads

Go to MultiPHP Manager and select PHP 7.4 for your website.

MultiPHP manager

PHP Extensions

Refer to the cPanel PHP Extensions and Applications Package (opens new window) and WHM How to install a PHP extension in WHM (opens new window) documentation if your cPanel provisioning lacks the extensions required by Chevereto.

# Install Chevereto

Go to http://your_website/ and follow the instructions to the create the admin account.

# PHP Versioning

Did you know?

cPanel uses root .htaccess file to add rules that enable to override the default cPanel PHP versioning. This may cause issues in your Chevereto installation.

If you have PHP versioning issues make sure that the root .htaccess file contains the following:

Note that the configuration in your system may vary. Double-check with your service provider.

# Setup Cron on cPanel

  • Go to Cron Jobs under Advanced
  • Scroll to Add New Cron Job

File Manager Delete File

  • Under Common Settings pick Once Per Minute (* * * * *)

The Command varies on each installation, you need to create your own command based on the following general form:

php-binary cli-path -C cron >/dev/null 2>&1
  • php-binary Check the PHP command examples section under Add New Cron Job where you can learn about the PHP path for your system.
  • cli-path The Chevereto CLI path can be found on your Dashboard panel under Installation details.

# Command examples

# Setup Email