# 🤖 Server issues

Not all web servers follow some basic standards and in some cases even having a server that meets the system requirements you could find issues that won't allow Chevereto to work properly.

# Webserver issues

  • Apache mod_rewrite disabled or Allow Override All missing in virtual hosts
  • Missing writing permissions in Chevereto paths
  • Bad or invalid setup (timezone, multi-views, timeout, etc.)
  • Wrong NGINX server block / PHP-FPM issues
  • mod_security or any other artifact blocking requests from/to

# PHP issues

PHP runs over your Webserver in different flavours (module or fcgi) and with different libraries and settings that can cause issues:

  • Outdated PHP version (Chevereto needs PHP 5.6+)
  • Misconfiguration in PHP libraries (GD, cURL, BCMath, etc.)
  • Bad php.ini directives
  • Low execution time (system is halted before complete)
  • Bad sessions setup (permissions)
  • eAccelerator enabled (Deprecated for PHP 5.3+)

# MySQL issues

The most common things to worry are:

  • Wrong credentials (user/password)
  • Invalid or missing privileges (can't read or write in the database)
  • Outdated MySQL version
  • Bad configured socket