# Container Registry

This guide covers how to build your own private Chevereto container images and how to publish it to the container registry of your choice.

Container images provided by this guide use the same servicing layer as the basic container guide, but here the application is provided at Dockerfile layer.

Template available

Use chevereto/container-builder (opens new window) to easily create your own private Chevereto container images.

# Requirements

  • Chevereto license

The license is required upfront to build the image using licensed access.

  • GitHub account

At this time our automated workflows only works with GitHub (opens new window) so you will require a GitHub account for the easiest and free way to build the container image. You can actually build the image anywhere, but with GitHub we have configured a dead easy implementation.

The container registry is where the container image will be available for your disposal. From there you can spawn all the systems you may need. Container registry credentials will be required to push the build image.

# Step-by-step guide

  1. Follow the instructions at chevereto/container-builder (opens new window) to create the image
  2. Provide a Docker network and a MySQL container following this guide
  3. Once your image gets created you can invoke it as owner/image:tag


Check Environment for all the -e options you can pass in command below.

docker run -d \
    -p 8012:80 \
    -e "CHEVERETO_SOFTWARE=chevereto" \
    -e "CHEVERETO_DB_HOST=chv-mariadb" \
    -e "CHEVERETO_DB_USER=chevereto" \
    -e "CHEVERETO_DB_PASS=user_database_password" \
    -e "CHEVERETO_DB_NAME=chevereto" \
    -e "CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_NAME=chv-assets" \
    -e "CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_URL=http://localhost:8012/public_assets" \
    -e "CHEVERETO_ASSET_STORAGE_BUCKET=/var/www/html/public_assets/" \
    --name chv-container \
    --network chv-network \
    --network-alias chv-container \
    --mount src="/local/assets",target=/var/www/html/public_assets,type=bind \
    --mount src="/local/images",target=/var/www/html/images,type=bind \

# Updating


Do not update using the built-in update system available at /dashboard as those changes won't persist. You need to re-build the image and container(s).

To update your custom build all the system files and its provisioning will be replaced. This only affects the application container, don't touch the database container.

  • Follow the updating (opens new window) instructions for the base template repository
  • Create the new image following previous procedure
  • Pull the updated image to your host system
  • Re-run the Chevereto container tagging the new image