# Installer

The Installer is a single PHP file that downloads, extracts and install Chevereto. You can download it and execute it anywhere you want to install Chevereto.

You can learn more about it at chevereto/installer which is build from chevereto/installer-source

# How it Works

  • Upload the installer to your target destination (usually the public_html folder).
  • Open your website at /installer.php and follow the process.

The installer will prompt with steps to install the software, after that it will download the software, extract it and it will post to /install the data previously provided.

# Troubleshoot


The installer works on top of HTTP so it relies in many sub-systems that could fail. If doesn't work for you the recommendation is to follow another install procedure.

  • It fails before extracting the software: Switch to manual installation
  • It fails after extracting the software: Go to /install to continue the process

⚠ In both cases REMOVE the installer.php file