# Install

This refers to the provisioning alternatives for getting Chevereto installed in your server. It takes from granted that your server meets all the system requirements.

Using VPS?

If you are installing on a VPS check our Root install (LEMP) and Root install (OpenLiteSpeed) guides.

New into self-hosting? Check the user powered guides and our recommendation on hosting providers.

# Procedures

The chevereto/installer is a single .php file which will download and extract the latest release in the target destination.

  • Upload the installer to your server target destination (usually the public_html folder).
  • Open your website at /installer.php and follow the process.

Chevereto Installer

The installer will prompt with steps to install the software, after that it will download the software, extract it and it will post to /install the data previously provided.

# Troubleshoot

Don't panic

The installer works on top of HTTP so it relies in many sub-systems that could fail. If doesn't work for you the recommendation is to follow another install procedure.

  • If you get an Unable to perform HTTP request it means that URL rewriting and/or other systems are preventing the installer to issue HTTP requests to /install.
  • It fails before extracting the software: Switch to manual installation
  • It fails after extracting the software: Go to /install to continue the process

⚠ In both cases REMOVE the installer.php file

# B. Install using Docker

Docker allows you to easily install a container version of the software.

👏🏾 All the Docker images are user provided. If you know about more Docker images let's us know to list it here. Thanks for contributing!

Note: when using Docker with the paid edition check that the image support our installer.

Check our guides section for user provided guides on setting up a Docker environment.

# C. Install via zip

  • Download the latest release
  • Upload all the contents of the chevereto folder to your server (usually in the public_html folder)
  • Go to your target website URL and follow the instructions

# D. Install using Softaculous/Fantastico

If your web hosting includes Softaculous/Fantastico, you can install Chevereto-Free with just one click, it should be available for one-click install under the "Image Galleries" category.

Paid edition

Note: Our paid edition isn't available in these script libraries. However, you can install Chevereto Free and then one-click upgrade it to the paid edition directly from the /dashboard panel.

# Cron (V3.17+)

Since Chevereto v3.17 background jobs are processed using a cron. At /dashboard you will find the crontab entry for your installation.

Kindly refer to the documentation of your server software for the procedure needed to add the cron entry required by Chevereto.

# Install issues

Most common install issue is missing system requirements so make sure that you are running a compatible system and that all the data is correct like working MySQL credentials and privileges.

Get help

Check our community support in case you need help with the server provisioning