# Container Requirements

To use containers you need a container engine like Docker (opens new window) and to manage and administer these images in a container registry.

There are many container registry alternatives to pick from. To name a few:

  • Docker Hub
  • GitHub Container Registry
  • Google Cloud Container Registry
  • Azure Container Registry


Don't worry about image management, we have an automated one-time setup Container Registry that will enable you to get all the benefits of containers without the hassles.

# Why?

  • One-time setup

Our container registry repo setup needs to be configured once. From there, the experience is button clicking to instruct base image update and re-deploy.

  • One-click experience

Get your container images one-click updated from the Github web-based user interface. No more commands, just button clicking.

  • Better isolation

Running the build process in disposable CI machinery is safer than using any other system. This makes the process harder to temper with.

Last Updated: 11/20/2021, 12:48:37 PM