# Post-Install

# Initial setup

Initial setup refers to the process that actually creates the chevereto database and create its admin user. You need to run this just one, the first time you install Chevereto.

You can install Chevereto using HTTP (web) or using CLI.

# HTTP setup

  • Go to /install and submit the installation form.

# CLI setup (V3.20+)

  • Run the following command:
Option Description
u Admin username
e Admin email
x Admin password

# Background jobs (V3.18+)

Background jobs refers to a command-line action that needs to be carried frequently to fullfil the application background tasks, it needs to be configured by running a cron.

You need to configure this every time you provide Chevereto to a new server, it also applies if you migrate servers.


Don't forget to provide the cron executing to fullfil the application background jobs. If this is not configured Chevereto won't remove expired images, check for updates, process external storage deletes and run maintenance tasks.

# Setup email

Email setup refers to the system required to deliver email in Chevereto. Go to Email settings to understand how configure the transactional email service.

You need to configure this every time you change email delivery provider.


Don't forget to configure email delivery as as user registration rely on this. If email delivery isn't configured Chevereto won't be able to recover user's lost passwords neither complete registrations requiring to confirm email address.

Last Updated: 6/20/2021, 12:13:44 PM