# 📦 Installation

To install Chevereto it requires a server environment where the software and uploaded files will be served. This server can be anywhere, but it must be configured to run Chevereto properly.


Always check that the server for Chevereto provides the requirements required to run Chevereto. Don't ignore the system messages mentioning lack of server software as those are detections in the application layer.

# Installation methods

The chevereto/installer (opens new window) is a single .php file which will download and extract the latest release in the target destination.

Using CLI (recommended):

  • Download the software at the installer path.
  • Extract the software indicating target -p path to extract.

Once done, remove the installer.php file and open your website at /install to complete the process.

Using HTTP:

  • Open your website at /installer.php and follow the process.

Chevereto Installer


The installer HTTP API will POST to /install to complete Chevereto installation. If that process fail, you must remove the installer.php file and open your website at /installer to complete the process manually.

# Zip package

  • Download the latest release (opens new window)
  • Upload all the contents of the chevereto folder to your server (usually in the public_html folder)
  • Go to your target website URL and follow the instructions

# Post-installation

# Initial setup

You can setup Chevereto using HTTP or CLI (recommended).

# HTTP setup

  • Go to /install and submit the installation form.

# CLI setup (3.19+)

  • Run the following command:
Option Description
u Admin username
e Admin email
x Admin password

# Background jobs (3.18+)

The application background tasks needs to be executed by running a cron. At /dashboard you will find the required cron entry for your installation.


Don't forget to provide the cron executing to fullfil the application background jobs. If this is not configured Chevereto won't remove expired images, check for updates, process external storage deletes and more. It is very important to setup this.

# Setup email

Go to Email settings to configure the transactional email service.