# ❤ Contributing

🤗 Chevereto is entirely indie developed. Any help is really welcome.

# Purchase

You can purchase (opens new window) a license which is the best way in which you can support the developer and encourage the development of Chevereto.

# Donating


If you already purchased your donation also helps! Consider donating if you strongly want to support Chevereto further.

You can donate via PayPal (opens new window). If you want to donate crypto, or if you have any other kind of donation feel free to contact the developer (opens new window).

# Project

You can help to build a bigger project by doing the following:

  • Following and spreading our updates
  • Telling about Chevereto to others, share it
  • Helping with code-related tasks
  • Showing others how-to use it and how it works

# Community

You can help us to build a better community (opens new window):

  • Help others with ongoing issues
  • Moderate forums to keep thing in order
  • Organize RFC and other relevant sections