# Personal mode

Chevereto includes a configurable personal mode which allows to set the system as a single user instance. When personal mode is enabled new users can't signup to the system and the whole website is focused to just one user which is perfect for portfolios or any kind of personal gallery.

# Step-by-step enable personal mode

  • Go to Dashboard > Settings > Website.
  • Locate "Website mode" and select "Personal".
  • Set the target user id and an optional routing.

# Personal mode routing

This allows to set the custom user profile route like /portfolio or anything you want. This route will be mapped to the target user profile.

# Admin

Target user id for personal mode doesn't need to be an admin which allows you to set Chevereto as a personal system for anyone you may want to. For example, you can set this website for someone who doesn't know that much about systems so you handle the admin while this person just care about uploading pictures.

# Homepage customization

When using the personal mode the system will assign different texts for the homepage which can be changed at Dashboard > Settings > Homepage. If the target user id has a background set that image will be used for the homepage cover.