# Flood protection

This feature allows you to prevent possible flood attacks on the image upload component by setting a time/usage limit criteria that you can configure in your admin dashboard.

# What is a flood attack?

A flood attack is when an attacker sends multiple requests to your website with the goal of exhaust the complete system and make the website performance extremely poor or even take down the website. There are a lot of different types of these attacks but all of them focus in exploit system features that needs to use more machine to do their job.

# How does it works?

Chevereto uses a time/usage criteria per IP upload request to determine when an upload request is flood or not. You can configure the time limits that triggers the flood flag and you cna also get notified by email when a flood is detected.

# Step-by-step Enable flood protection

To enable flood protection follow these steps:

  • Go to Dashboard > Settings > Flood Protection
  • Select "Enable" from the dropdown menu
  • Edit the settings to meet your needs

Flood protection is enabled by default and is highly encouraged to enable it in your website.