# Dashboard

Chevereto comes with a dashboard that allows you to control and manage all the system. To access the dashboard you must be logged as admin user then go to /dashboard. The link to the dashboard also appears if you click your name on the top bar.

# Stats

Chevereto dashboard comes with quick and easy statistics of your Chevereto installation and system versions. Here you will see a complete summary of what is going on and how updated are your system versions and core libraries.

# Settings

To manage any of the system settings just click the "settings" tab on your Dashboard and then click the sub-menu that will appear next to the title. You will be able to manage:

  • Content and Website settings
  • Image upload parameters
  • Categories
  • Flood protection
  • Theme
  • Banners
  • Email
  • Social networks
  • External services
  • Etc.

Feel free to explore these settings and get used to it. Remember to scroll down and click on "save changes" when you want to confirm the changes you made.

# Content manager

Chevereto comes with a system wide content manager which is available everywhere and that manager is also built in in the Dashboard. Chevereto content manager allows you to manage all the content including images, albums and users.